Wax Before You

by Eternal Worship

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“’The LORD reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad! Clouds and thick darkness are all around him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and burns up his adversaries all around. His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth.’ – Psalm 97:1-5

We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in and through our church! We serve a mighty and powerful God, and we continue to experience His grace in our lives as He blesses us with His presence. These songs are our response to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures and they are an exaltation of the One who has made it possible for us to worship Him through His perfect sacrifice! It’s our prayer that these songs would give you a voice to sing, pray, and respond to the Lord as He reveals Himself to His church.”


released August 27, 2011

Contributing Musicians:
Amy Coccia (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, electric guitar); Bryan Anderson (bass guitar); Chann Carroll (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar); Chris Carroll (drums, loops, gang vocals); Courtney MacMillan (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals); Jesse Schlicher (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, electric piano, programming); Niles Ferguson (electric guitar, slide guitar, gang vocals); Paul Jensen (electric guitar, programming); Stephen Rutland (piano, electric piano, organ, strings, glockenspiel, synth)

Executive Producer:
Paul Jensen
Project Director:
Jesse Schlicher
Produced by:
Paul Jensen & Eternal Worship
Recording Engineer:
Paul Jensen & Jesse Schlicher
Mixed and Mastered by:
Paul Jensen
Design and Layout:
Ryan Hollingsworth
Recorded @
Satellite Studios (Studio A) &
Eternal Church Studios
Mixed and Mastered @
Satellite Studios (Studio B)


all rights reserved



Eternal Worship Fort Mill, South Carolina

As a collection of musicians and song-writers, we simply want to glorify God and build up the church with music that glorifies and exalts Jesus Christ. We serve our church in Fort Mill, SC by leading our congregation in worship every week.

Over the years, we have been blessed by the people of Eternal Church to record music written by various members of our team. Hope you enjoy...
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Track Name: Collide
there’s no use in hiding, i’ve already tried, as soon as You find me i realize, You were with me all the times i failed You, tried to nail You down, to the cross where You already died, where heaven and earth collide / hallelujah, i sing to You, with all my soul, with all i am, alive in Your grace i stand / i’m blown by the wind i’ve been chasing around, so lost in the noise that i can’t hear the sound, of the one voice i need, now i see You, hear you calling out, the weight takes me knees to the ground, as love comes crashing down / hallelujah, i come to You, bringing all that You demand, my life in Your mighty hands
Track Name: Wax Before You
worthy, worthy, You are high above and You’re lifted up, You are high above and You’re lifted up / holy, holy, in Your brilliant light my stains turn white, in Your brilliant light my stains turn white / and You’ll come, like the raging sun, the mountains melt like wax before You, Your light shines and the world trembles, in awe of You, we’re in awe of You / now you can lift your holy hands, our God has conquered sin and death, so lift your voice in praise before, the One creation’s groaning for
Track Name: The Rock
oh Lord i cry out to You, from the ends of the earth i cry out to You, cause when my heart grows weary, won’t You lead me to the Rock that is higher than i / cause i am not able to stand on my own, and i am not capable of living all alone, my soul finds rest in You alone / cause You are my Refuge, You’re my Strong Tower, You are my Refuge, You’re my Strong Tower, against the enemy, cause You are greater, You’re greater than he / You’re greater than he, You’re greater than he, You’re greater than he, You’re greater than he, oh, oh / You’re the Rock that is high, higher than i
Track Name: Don't Let Me Go
You paint the night a different color, all the shades of love, from the lips of life the sky ignites with a love song from above / don’t let me go, don’t let me go, even when i’m letting go, You’re still holding on / the fight i find within without me for all the things i’ve done, that paint a less than perfect picture of the glory of Your Son, the Risen One / Lord, You’re so amazing, i’m laughing out so loud, it’s all that i can do to keep my soul from bursting out, i’m overcome, i see Your goodness all around
Track Name: Fall On Us
Holy Spirit come, breathe on us, send Your fire, come, let it rest on us / You promised us, this gift of Your Spirit in us / fall on us and fill us with the fullness of Your presence, fall on us and fill us with the fullness of your presence / with joy and peace, and victory, in boldness and strength, Lord move in me / oh, move in me, oh, Lord move in me, Lord move in me, Lord move in me, oh
Track Name: Falls Apart (My Love Arise)
it’s easy to find beauty in the sunlight, beauty in the stars at night, beauty when the time is right / and love abides when the feeling is all gone, and the pain is worth the healing that is poured out on us / and love abides, let grace arise, let grace arise, my love arise / there is no greater gain, than to sing Your praise when everything falls apart, yeah, it falls apart, when better days seem so far away, i will lift my voice and sing “hallelujah” to my King / it’s easy to find favor in the bright eyes, color in the sunrise, motion in the changing tides / and love abides when humility restores, and the pain is worth the promise of eternity secured / life or death, sick or health, rich or poor, it’s good to know my Lord, there is nothing better than the one thing that i know is that, even death will not keep us apart
Track Name: All I Need
although the storms they come, i won’t be ‘whelmed by the flood, and although the waters, they rise, they won’t pass my chin, won’t reach my eyes / because You are with me always, because You are with me always / Jesus, You’re all i need / Jesus, You’re all i need, You are my everything / see how the flames dance and turn, but i won’t feel the heat, i won’t be burned, no, You make a way through the sea, yeah, extinguish my enemy, yeah / Father, Son and Holy Ghost, three clouds in the sky, Holy Ghost, three stars in the night, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost
Track Name: Praise the One
grace has found me as i am, a lost, helpless, sinful man, cursed without the Holy One, i settle for such lesser loves / but You’ve shown Your love to me and You laid down Your life freely / so i’ll praise the One, who bore my shame and filth, and i’ll praise the One who’s blood covers my guilt / grace has found me resting in You, a child of God, You foreknew, ransomed by Your death, oh Chosen One, You paid my debt and redeemed my soul / and there’s no greater love than this, that He’d lay down His life and call me a friend
Track Name: Giver of Life
You alone are the Giver of Life, You alone are the Giver of Life, You’re the Lover of my soul, You’re the Lover of my soul, You are, You’re the Lover of my soul, You’re the Lover of my soul, You’re the Lover of my soul / i wandered broken highways, every step away, and then You called my name / “I am Father and Friend, your Beginning and End, I AM, I AM, I’m the One that you seek, take My hand, hide in Me I AM, I AM” / fall on my face, crushed by the light of Your grace, blind, cannot see through the glory that covers me, covers me / i tread new paths before me, every step You say, “I’m the Truth, the Life, the Way”
Track Name: You Say Go
if i speak in tongues of men and angels, and have not love, if i have dreams and understand mysteries, and have not love / we are nothing, without Your love, all we need is Your love / You say go, to the least of these, visit the widows and orphans in their affliction, go, bringing good news of peace, bind up the broken hearted, speak truth into the chaos / if i have the faith to move a mountain, but have not love, if i give away all that i have, but have not love / for Your Spirit is on us, and You’ve anointed us, so fill us with Your love
Track Name: Yours
You are the sun, You are the stars, the light to rend my shallow heart, shining into my dark / You are the first, You are the last, You are the future and You are past, but i’m here in Your presence now / You are the hand that’s leading me, You are the peace my sorrow needs, and i’m finding it on my knees, on my knees, i’m on my knees / You are the grace that gives me life, You are the hope i can’t deny, in You i am satisfied / You are creator, life sustainer, the breath of life in me, and it’s with this breath that i sing, Lord, i sing, to You i sing / this heart of stone, You made it Yours, my wounded spirit You restored / all of my life is Yours
Track Name: Lift Your Holy Name
worthy, worthy is the Lord, worthy, worthy is the Lord / to the One who sits upon the throne, i lift my voice, to the Lamb of God, the Beloved Son, i lift my voice, Lord, lift Your holy name / Lord, lift Your holy name, Lord, lift Your holy name, Lord, lift Your holy name / Who was, and is, and is to come, You’re the Alpha and Omega, You’re the Holy One, Who rides upon the clouds in the ancient skies above, Lord lift Your mighty voice / holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, holy, holy, the earth is filled with His glory, His glory / “here I am, I stand at the door and knock, anyone hears My voice and opens the door, here I am, I stand at the door and knock, anyone hears My voice and I will come in”

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