Kidron Valley Psalms

by Eternal Worship

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“Picture Jesus in the upper room with His disciples, sharing in the first Lord’s Supper. Knowing everything that He was about to be confronted with, Jesus was still so focused and unwavering as he walked through life on this earth. Scripture tells us that when He and His disciples had sung a hymn, they went out across the Kidron Valley to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus would face his arrest, death, and resurrection.

‘Kidron Valley Psalms’ are songs that have come out of a place of desperation, redemption, and freedom because of what Christ purchased for us through his death and life. They are songs of submission and celebration of God’s sovereign goodness. We remember and think upon our Savior singing and crossing through the Kidron Valley on his way to face his darkest hour, and we join in His song here on this side of the new earth as we await our hour.”


released November 1, 2009

Contributing Musicians:
Amy Coccia (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, acoustic guitar, twelve-string guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass guitar, percussion); Bryan Anderson (gang vocals, ebow); Chann Carroll (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, percussion); Courtney MacMillan (background vocals, gang vocals); Jeff Jones (bass guitar); Jesse Schlicher (lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, keys, organ, bass guitar); Niles Ferguson (piano, slide guitar, lead acoustic guitar); Paul Jensen (electric guitar, synth, bass guitar, percussion)

Executive Producer:
Paul Jensen
Project Director:
Jesse Schlicher
Produced by:
Paul Jensen & Eternal Worship
Recording Engineer:
Paul Jensen
Mixed and Mastered by:
Paul Jensen
Design and Layout:
Ryan Hollingsworth
Recorded @
Satellite Studios (Studio A)
Mixed and Mastered @
Satellite Studios (Studio B)


all rights reserved



Eternal Worship Fort Mill, South Carolina

As a collection of musicians and song-writers, we simply want to glorify God and build up the church with music that glorifies and exalts Jesus Christ. We serve our church in Fort Mill, SC by leading our congregation in worship every week.

Over the years, we have been blessed by the people of Eternal Church to record music written by various members of our team. Hope you enjoy...
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Track Name: There is None
There is none like you. Sovereign God, you’re the way, the truth
There is none like you. Jesus Christ, your love has brought me to you

You are the image of the invisible God
You are the first born from among the dead
You are the word turned flesh, You are the head

So I count it all as loss, I count it all as loss…

You’re the one and only Son, who bore all my sin
You are our high priest, who’s been where I’ve been
You are the light of the world, the beginning and end

You are my first love. You are my first love, Jesus, You are my first love
Track Name: All I Can Do (Undone)
There are no words to describe the taste of Your grace
There is no melody strong enough to tell the beauty of Your face

And I can’t help but raise my hands, and all I can do is lift my voice
And I’m so undone by the way You love me

My mind cannot contain You, there are mysteries that no man can explain
And I can’t escape You no matter where I run to, I will always find You there

And I can’t help but raise my hands, and all I can do is lift my voice
And I’m so undone by the way You love me

Surely goodness and mercy to one so unworthy and dirty
Is bringing to new life out of the darkness and night
Wake up, O sleeper, wake and rise… into the light
Track Name: My Portion Forever
My flesh and my heart may fail me,
but you’re the strength of my soul
You’re my portion forever

Though my spirit is faint, I know, You know my way

So I’ll wait for you,
my strength, my portion,
my delight is in You,
God of mercy, God of life
Track Name: Yahweh (Worthy Lord)
Yahweh, you came and sought the weak and lame
Yahweh, the Son has lavished us with grace

All our hope is in you, Lord
All our hope is in you, we sing

worthy is the Lamb of God who’s come
and takes away the sins of His daughters and sons

Yahweh, you came and sought me in my shame
Yahweh, the Son is standing in my place

We sing worthy, worthy, You are worthy, worthy Lord
Track Name: Psalm 103
Bless the Lord my soul,
Bless the Lord my soul,
And all that is within me, bless His holy name

Bless the Lord my soul,
Bless the Lord my soul,
Forget not His benefits, bless His holy name

He satisifies you with good,
renews your youth like the eagles
and I’m swept away

Forgives your iniquities
Heals all your disease
He redeems your life, your life from the pit
crowns you with steadfast love and mercy
Track Name: Untitled
I desire nothing else and I wish for nothing else
I delight in no one else but You

For You are Creator and Redeemer
And You are merciful and sweet
You are the lover of my broken heart
And there is nothing else I need

I desire nothing more, than to be loved by You, Lord
I delight in no one else but You

You are forever faithful and I am oh, so grateful that You are
Forever faithful and I am oh, so grateful that You are
Creator, Savior, Creator, my Savior
Track Name: Water to Wine
I will wait on the promise of my Father
to bring me wine, wine instead of water
Oh bring me wine

Jesus come release me from my demons
that I might live in the fullness of your freedom
Oh Jesus, come

Take me to Your freedom
Take me to Your love
I’m desperate for the river
that guides me to Your throne

I will lift my eyes unto the hills
that I might see the one who makes the waters still
Lord, make the waters still
Track Name: Beauty in Pain
You are almighty God, who formed the universe
Your kingdom endures in heaven and on earth

No one can hold back Your hand
No one can say, “What have You done?”

You give and You take away
You comfort and cause dismay
Holy is your name
You give your grace away
in beauty and in pain
Holy is your name.

You are a mighty King, ruler over everything.
You do as you please, through all eternity.

For from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things
To Jesus, be all glory, forever, amen, amen!

The name above every other name
You’re the name above every other name

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